Texas is committed to the statewide expansion of the system of care framework. Our team’s vision is that all Texas children and youth have access to high-quality mental health care that’s family-driven, youth-guided, community-based, culturally grounded, and sustainable.

The Texas System of Care Toolkit

We created the Texas System of Care (TxSOC) Toolkit to help communities build effective local systems of care. Our toolkit includes specific steps to design, develop, and implement the system of care framework.

If you’re interested in improving your area’s system of care, we invite you to use our toolkit— whether you’re new to the concept or have many years of experience.

Tracks and Courses

The toolkit is divided into 11 short courses that cover different areas along your journey to implement SOC. Learning tracks include:

  1. Basic Information and Organizational Development
  2. Engaging Youth, Families, and Communities
  3. Planning, Communicating, Evaluating, and Financing
  4. Cultural and Linguistic Competency + Evidence-Based Behavioral Health Services and Supports

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Courses typically include tools, resources, worksheets, and references for additional information; these tools can be adapted to meet your needs.