System of Care Communities in Texas


Below are other communities across the great State of Texas who are in various stages of development in their system of care efforts. Although each community develops and implements system of care in different ways, all of their work is guided by the three values.

For a deeper dive into system of care communities, see the Texas System of Care interactive map.

Bexar CARES 

County Served: Bexar

Bexar CARES weaves together system and service partnerships to create a blanket of support that helps children and families achieve success. The Bexar CARES system also promotes wraparound services that are focused on children and families struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges as well as mental illness. The Wraparound process improves the lives of children with complex needs and their families by developing individualized plans of care. Bexar CARES proudly supports and encourages stigma reduction efforts to help change attitudes and beliefs about early childhood mental health needs, offers training and evaluation, and works hard to remove the barriers and discrimination created by stigma. Judgment almost always stems from another’s lack of understanding rather than information based on facts. You can help educate others and make a big difference by understanding your loved one’s condition and seeking treatment and support for it.

The Children’s Partnership

County Served: Travis

The Children’s Partnership, through agency collaboration and community and family involvement, has demonstrated that uniting and coordinating local resources is a more cost-effective and efficient approach to supporting children, youth and families. Community partners include four school districts, the mental health authority, the child welfare system, Health and Human Services, the juvenile justice system, and Casey Family Programs.  Based on longstanding relationships bolstered by formal written agreements, the collaborative approach maximizes resources, prevents duplication of efforts, and provides a continuum of care for children and youth involved with multiple systems. The Children’s Partnership coordinates local resources throughout Travis County – working hand-in-hand with families, focusing on the unique strengths of each child and embracing the unique values and culture of each family. The Children’s Partnership employs Parent Liaisons with lived experience in navigating systems to assist other parents who are experiencing similar life situations. The use of Parent Liaisons has been invaluable in offering parents the support they need to access services, and the opportunity to discuss issues about changes they would like to see within the community system of care.

Coastal Plains System of Care

Counties Served: Aransas, Bee, Brooks, Duval, Jim Wells, Kenedy, Kleberg, Live Oak, and San Patricio

Coastal Plains System of Care is a collaboration among child-serving agencies to ensure children and family systems of care are in place to ensure mental health, recovery, and reduction of the risk of a child being placed outside of their preferred community setting. The system of care closely collaborates with the Community Resource Coordination Group on issues impacting the lives of children, youth, and their families.

Collin County System of Care

County Served: Collin

The mission of the Collin County System of Care is to develop and maintain a comprehensive and sustainable system of care designed to meet the needs of all Collin County children, youth, and their families. The vision is that every child receives the right behavioral health care when and where they need it. The goal of system of care implementation is to support community collaboration and system improvements to ensure that children, youth, and young adults have access to wraparound services to prevent out of home placements or to help youth transition from residential treatment centers, DFPS placements, and juvenile justice settings to their home community.  Collin County System of Care has worked to build the cultural and linguistic competency of the workforce and ensure youth and family voice in governance and service processes.

East Texas System of Care

Counties Served: Angelina, Houston, Jasper, Nacogdoches, Newton, Polk, Sabine, San Augustine, San Jacinto, Shelby, Trinity and Tyler

East Texas System of Care is a collaboration of seven system of care governance boards, covering 13 counties in East Texas. The purpose of the system of care is to improve behavioral health outcomes for children and youth with serious emotional disturbances and their families by expanding utilization of high-fidelity wraparound to engage children and youth in the juvenile justice system, child welfare and residential treatment center placement. Systems of care build meaningful partnerships with families and youth, address cultural and linguistic needs, and use evidence-based practices to help children, youth and families function better at home, in school, in the community and throughout life.

Hidalgo County System of Care

Counties Served: Hildago, Cameron and Willacy

Tropical Texas Behavioral Health (TTBH) is a system of care expansion community located along the Texas – Mexico border. TTBH has incorporated system of care values and principles to provide a more coordinated approach to serving youth and families, which includes educating the community on system of care values and principles; identifying and improving a service gap; establishing a local community leadership structure; and developing and implementing a strategic plan.

Mental Health Connection of Tarrant County

County Served: Tarrant

Initiated in 1999 following a mayoral call to action to improve the county’s mental health system, Mental Health Connection of Tarrant County has grown into a 501c3 non-profit organization with over 40 organizational members and additional individual members. The community has been awarded a state system of care grant and three federal system of care awards, each further enhancing the local implementation of the system of care framework. Accomplishments have included the development of school-based family resource centers, an array of evidence-based treatment approaches, a comprehensive early childhood mental health system, and increased capacity for supporting transition-age youth between 16 and 21 years old.  

Midland County System of Care

County Served: Midland

The Midland County System of Care (MCSOC) is an organizational philosophy and framework that involves collaboration across agencies and families for the purpose of improving and expanding access to an array of coordinated community-based, culturally and linguistically competent services and supports for children and youth with who are at risk of being of placed out of their homes and community due to any or all of the following circumstances: their involvement with the juvenile justice system, a serious emotional disturbance, and lack of a safe home environment. The MCSOC strives to help children, youth, and families function better at home, in school, in the community, and throughout life.

Our Community Our Future

Counties Served: Bosque, Falls, Freestone, Hill, Limestone and McLennan

Our Community Our Future (OCOF) was started in the fall of 2015 when Klaras Center for Families, Heart of Texas Region MHMR, organized a committee of community stakeholders to look at the needs of children and adolescents in the community. The initial goal was to identify gaps in services and pool resources between various community partners to meet these needs. The OCOF mission is to collaborate and connect families through a shared community vision to provide a culturally responsive continuum of care so children, youth and young adults are supported in becoming healthy and successful in the Heart of Texas region. OCOF supports school-based mental health partnerships and services in ten independent school districts throughout the area. OCOF provides transition-age youth supports to youth and young adults in life skills, education, and employment. OCOF offers crisis respite as a temporary support in a family-like environment allowing youth to avoid juvenile placement, CPS placement, or hospitalization.

Rural Counties Initiative for Resiliency and Recovery

Counties Served: Bailey, Briscoe, Castro, Floyd, Hale, Lamb, Motley, Parmer, Swisher, Armstrong, Carson, Childress, Collingsworth, Dallam, Deaf Smith, Donley, Gray, Hall, Hansford, Hartley, Hutchinson, Lipscomb, Moore, Ochiltree, Oldham, Potter, Randall, Roberts, Sherman and Wheeler

The Rural Counties Initiative for Resiliency and Recovery (RCI) has a mission to cultivate a responsive community of care that inspires, supports and enables all children and families to realize their potential to lead healthy, productive lives in their communities, working to enhance and expand the systems of care approach in the chiefly rural, 30 county region of the Texas Panhandle. The Rural Counties Initiative for Resiliency and Recovery promotes transition-age youth supports, through recovery support services, recovery coaches, youth recovery community services, youth peer recovery leaders, and a recovery-oriented system of care collaboration of local stakeholders, service providers, community and faith-based organizations, and families/peers/youth with lived experience who are working together to ensure a continuum of care and support for persons affected by substance use barriers and who may also experience other mental health challenges.

San Marcos Mental Health Coalition

County Served: Hays

The San Marcos Mental Health Coalition was formed in late 2018 in response to a charge by the San Marcos Commission on Children and Youth to address children, youth, and young adult mental health needs in Hays County.  The coalition seeks to identify best practices, use data on mental health issues to guide decision-making, survey existing prevention and treatment services, and identify strategies to fill service gaps, raise awareness and reduce stigma.  The coalition is a community-based collaboration among families, youth, and community members, as well as representatives from San Marcos ISD, Texas State University, Central Texas Medical Center, mental health providers, first responders, social service and medical providers, and city officials. 

Texas Panhandle Centers System of Care

Counties Served: Armstrong, Carson, Collingsworth, Dallam, Deaf Smith, Donley, Gray, Hall, Hansford, Hartley, Hemphill, Hutchinson, Lipscomb, Moore, Ochiltree, Oldham, Potter, Randall, Roberts, Sherman and Wheeler 

Texas Panhandle Centers System of Care strives to utilize the system of care framework to support youth and families in culturally and linguistically competent services that are family driven and youth guided. Texas Panhandle Centers System of Care focuses on transforming and expanding existing wraparound school-based services into a System of Care service delivery approach, increasing family involvement, improving individual outcomes for children and families, decreasing behavioral concerns, improving academic performance, decreasing contacts with the juvenile justice system, and identifying challenges or issue areas to be addressed in a strategic plan.

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